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          The Robert Half blog is your one-stop destination for tips, advice and insight you can use to hire engaged and productive workers or land a challenging and fulfilling job. We also offer new research about the workplace and the latest insights into the employment market. Learn from Robert Half’s expert recruiters so you can build a talented team of employees or advance your career.

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          14 Effective Employee Retention Strategies

          Creating a positive workplace begins with developing a strong set of effective employee retention strategies. Read our tips on decreasing turnover.

          Hot Job: Marketing Director

          The marketing director role is hot. Here's a look at the marketing director job description and average starting salary.

          How to Become an IT Manager

          Interested in becoming an IT manager? Find out what skills are necessary to do the job, and what pay to expect for this position.

          11 Best Job Search Apps to Save You Time

          Looking for a job? Read about 11 of the best job search apps and how each can help you in your hunt for an opportunity that’s just right for you.

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