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          Executive Roles We Have Placed

          We help companies compete more effectively by helping them identify, attract and secure their most valuable asset: executive leadership talent. Here is a sampling of recently completed executive searches and the industries we serve.


          Consumer Products/Goods

          • Chief Financial Officer
          • President
          • Vice President-Treasurer
          • Chief Technology Officer
          • Vice President of Operations
          • Chief Operating Officer
          • Vice President of Sales and Marketing
          • Senior Vice President of Human Resources

          Financial Services

          • Chief Compliance & Sustainability Officer
          • Chief Financial Officer
          • Director, Learning Management System
          • Manager of Marketing & Communications
          • Senior Investment Strategist
          • Senior Manager of Audit
          • Vice President Consultant Relations
          • Vice President Financial Planning & Analysis
          • Vice President of Sales


          • Behavioral Health Policy Director
          • Chief Financial Officer
          • Director of IT Risk Management and Assurance
          • Director of Operations
          • Head of Cultivation
          • Superintendent of the Oregon State Hospital


          • Assistant Controller
          • Chief Financial Officer
          • Chief Operating Officer
          • DBA Manager
          • Director of Contract Services
          • Project Manager
          • Sales Representative
          • Senior Vice President, Human Resources

          Not For Profit

          • Chief Executive Officer
          • Chief Human Resources Officer
          • Director of Community Programs
          • Enterprise Architect - IT
          • Executive Director
          • IT Project Manager
          • President
          • Quality Auditor
          • Regulatory Manager
          • Vice President of Information Technology
          • Vice President of Sales

          Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

          • Chief Financial Officer
          • Director of Life Sciences Sales
          • Director of Sales
          • Senior Director of Operations
          • Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs


          • Board Member
          • Business Development Manager
          • Chief Financial Officer
          • Director of Marketing
          • Director of Sales
          • Director of Worldwide Sales
          • Director, QE
          • Head of R&D
          • Regional Sales Manager
          • Vice President of Service

          Entertainment & Hospitality

          • Assistant Controller
          • Chief Financial Officer
          • Chief Operating Officer
          • Director of Major Gifts
          • Managing Director
          • Senior Vice President / Vice President of Investor Relations
          • Senior Vice President of Finance
          • Talent Acquisition Business Manager
          • Vice President of Development
          • Vice President of Investor Relations - UK

          Real Estate

          • Chief Financial Officer
          • Director or Vice President - Operations
          • General Manager
          • Project Coordinator
          • Regional Manager
          • Senior Project Manager
          • Vice President of Finance


          • Assistant Vice President of Marketing, Communication, and Training
          • Business Development Director
          • Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary
          • Director of Customer Engagement
          • Director of Financial Planning & Analysis
          • Director of Underwriting
          • Director, Medical Analytics
          • IT Web and Mobile Architect
          • Vice President of Finance

          Energy, Oil & Gas

          • Business Development Manager
          • Chief Financial Officer
          • Director of Sales
          • Operating Tax Manager
          • Petroleum Operations Controller
          • Senior Account Executive
          • Vice President, Finance


          • Chief Executive Officer & President
          • Chief Marketing Officer
          • Chief Program Officer
          • Director of Development
          • Director of Operations
          • Director of Payroll
          • Director of Risk Management & Audit Services
          • Senior Manager, Administration


          • Chief Executive Officer
          • Controller / Chief Financial Officer
          • Director of Human Resources, Operations
          • Finance Director, Cement
          • Manager of Shared Services
          • Manufacturing and Logistics Manager
          • Project Estimator
          • Project Manager
          • Regional Account Manager
          • West Coast Branch Director

          Professional Services

          • Executive Director
          • GM, Commuter Benefits
          • Managing Partner
          • SEC Practice Manager
          • Senior Associate, Executive Recruiter
          • Tax Partner
          • Vice President of Business Strategy
          • Vice President of Marketing and Communications


          • Brand Manager
          • Category Director
          • Chief Financial Officer
          • Chief Operating Officer
          • Director of Human Resources
          • Director of Operations
          • Director of Product Management Motorization
          • Kid's Buyer
          • Manager of E-Commerce
          • President of Business Operations

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